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Axco HERU Rotary Wheel Heat Recovery Ventilation Range

Designed and built in Sweden for us, this exclusive award winning Rotating Heat Exchanger technology offers low energy, high efficiency performance.

  • F7 Pollen Filters

  • Up to 86% efficiency

  • APP enabled

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BEAM HERU ROTAR Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Regenerative, non-hygroscopic, aluminium rotating heat exchanger located in the centre of the unit.
  • Low energy, high performance EC fans
  • Up to 86% heat recovery efficiency
  • Large surface Pollen Grade F7 filter (inlet and outlet) is the highest specification available for any residential ventilation systemHeat-recovery-ventilation-schematic
  • Increases thermal comfort by heat recovery or night cooling recovery
  • Low sound level
  • Constructed in Galvanized and Aluzinc Steel
  • Insulated with 50mm dense mineral wool for quietness and facilitates use in any warm or cold space
  • No condensate drain required
  • Use of commercial smoothflow rigid ducting throughout. Low pressure loss means low energy use.  Higher heat efficiency. Quieter (due to low velocity). Ducting can be cleaned & maintained.  Resists crush damage during construction and thereafter. Lifetime installation.
  • Precision engineered fittings. Only precision fit metal and plastic fittings, ducting and silencers, along with Grade 1 duct installation are professionally installed throughout.

BEAM Axco HERU Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Specification:

HERU Unit Model NG 100S NG 100T NG 160S NG 160T NG 200S NG 200T
Max Flow - Free Blowing (L/S) 121 116 200 183 244 247
Max Pressure @ 100pa m³h 390 378 650 605 786 805
SP1 W|M³/h 0.38 0.37 0.32 0.34 0.26 0.25
% Heat Efficiency 84 85 84 86 86 86
Sound Level @3m (dba) 43 41 41 38 42 40
Weight (KG) 59 66 77 95 101 136
Inlet Diameter (mm) 160 125 200 160 250 250
Inlet Orientation Side Top Side Top Side Top
Touch Panel
App Controlled 
Regenerative Heat Recovery
Max Speed (RPM) 3000 3600 2860 3070 2820 2820
Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 1074 x 563 x 488 796 x 483 x 705 1236 x 631 x 570 942 x 551 x 865 1352 x 740 x 679 1124 x 679 x 1135

BEAM HERU Rotar Heat Recovery Unit Controls:

Wireless Intelligent IQ Control System

Intelligent control system for a healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate. Connects wirelesslBEAM Intelligent IQ Controller for Heru rotar Heat Recovery ventilation systemy to your AXCO HERU Heat Recovery unit with an operating range of approximately 50m through walls and floors.

  • User friendly 4.3” touch panel (including docking station) with status bar for quick overview
  • Ability to control / monitor through smartphone App
  • Choose light or dark colour theme to suit your home
  • Energy saving holiday mode facility
  • Set up to your home requirements with a 7 day scheduler
  • Screen saver shows time and internal/external temperatures
  • Real-time diagnostics functionality, including alarm history
  • VOC Sensor  supports regulation of VOC
  • Fan Speeds – RPM

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