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Industrial Portable Vacuum Cleaners

The Beam range includes Atex Rated, Single and Three Phase, Compressed Air, HEPA, Wet Collection, Heavy Duty, Truck or Platform vacuum cleaners.

  • ATEX Rated

  • Single Phase

  • 3 Phase

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Atex Rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners 

  • The ATEX range of industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for dust and debris collection in Atex rated industrial environments classified ATEX zone 21, 22 (DUST) and 1 & 2 (GAS).
  • Different models are available:  with 1.1kw single phase and three phase continuous duty motors available from 3Kw up to 13 kw, classified ATEX EX II 3GD with different filtration systems in category L,M, H (cartridge filters with automatic  cleaning are also available).
  • The ATEX three phase vacuum cleaners "Food & Pharma" are suitable to be used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.  Systems can be used for housekeeping or continuous dedusting or trim removal from production equipment.
  • For Zones 0 and 20, where electricity is either absent or prohibited, compressed air driven vacuums units are available.

Single Phase 

Our single phase industrial vacuum cleaner range is designed for general cleaning in industrial environments.

Robust, practical and easy to handle, these vacuum cleaners have been manufactured with reduced dimensions in order to meet the highest standards in performance, reliability and convenience.  

Three Phase 

These three phase industrial vacuum cleaners are reliable, efficient, powerful and practical to use. They are ideal for continuous cleaning and vacuuming of spillages, dust or waste in industrial environments.

Compressed Air

The ‘AD’ series industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for use in areas where electric power is absent or prohibited. The vacuum cleaners are driven by compressed air and have no electric moving parts


Hepa vacuum units are designed for use in areas where strict protocols exist regarding emissions.  These include cleanroom or pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Wet Collection 

These single phase wet & dry industrial vacuum units are designed for the removal of liquids or dust in industrial environments. The WD models are equipped with 2 different filters which can be used to remove dusts or liquids with simple replacement of the filter, wet or dry materials can be collected.  

Heavy Duty

These heavy duty vacuum cleaners are ideal for use in difficult conditions and are equipped with a positive displacement vacuum pump providing high vacuum.  These systems act as a suction unit to be combined with a pre-separator for bulk material collection / vacuum cleaning.  Diesel powered units are available providing completely independent operation.


Truck or Platform Mounted

These heavy duty vacuum units are flexible, powerful & available in diesel or electric versions, this range of truck / skid mounted systems are suitable for 3 or 4 axle trucks with fixed platforms or detachable systems such as hook loading bodies. This equipment can be used for different solutions, such as moving product, collecting large spillages.

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