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Purge Ventilation

Purge ventilation is the rapid removal of stale, moist air, and pollutants from a room to improve indoor air quality and provide a more comfortable indoor environment .

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Enhanced Thermal Comfort

  • Meets Building Regulations

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BEAM Axco Purge Ventilation


A Beam Axco Purge Ventilation system is designed to comply with building control regulations regarding purge ventilation. The system extracts poor quality air from a room, leaving the air fresh and free from pollutants. The Axco Purge Ventilation system also enhances the thermal comfort of a room by regulating temperature and humidity. 

Benefits of Purge Ventilation: 

  • Improved indoor air quality Man-on-sofa-breathing-fresh-indoor-air
  • ​Eliminates odours  
  • Regulates temperature and humidity to improve thermal comfort. 
  • Removes stale air, leaving clean fresh air.  
  • Comfortable environment.
  • Can help dissipate dangerous substances, such as smoke or gases.  
  • Meets building regulations.

Features of a Beam Axco Purge Ventilation System: 

  • Low Profile 
  • ​Equivalent to 4 air changes an hour 
  • Airflow up to 161 l/s (579 m3/h) Axco-Purge-Ventilation-Unit-with-Ceiling-Extract-Valve
  • High efficiency EC fan 
  • 100% variable speed control for commissioning set point 
  • Accepts 220 x 90mm rectangular ducting 
  • 90° configurable option 
  • In line configurable option 
  • Simple 1 setting setup 
  • Light weight for easy handling 
  • Easy and quick to install 
  • IPX2 water resistant 

Where Can a Purge Ventilation System be Installed?

A Beam Axco Purge Ventilation system is suitable for use in any habitable room up to 45m2. The system can be used in residential or commercial premises.  



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