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Industrial Dust & Fume Extraction

Industrial Clean Air Solutions

We have 30+ years experience serving a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, engineering, food, manufacturing & cleanrooms, providing solutions and solving problems.

Benefits to your business & staff

We offer clean air solutions that provide proven benefits to your business and staff through a cleaner, healthier working environment.

  • Reduce costs with energy efficient systems

  • Provide a healthier indoor environment

  • Custom designed bespoke solutions

Benefits to your business & staff

Services we offer

We offer a Health & Safety audit with a specialist Consultation and Advisory Service for consulting engineers & industry advisors on all process vacuum, product waste management, clean air, housekeeping and product movement requirements.

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Weld Fume Extraction

Extraction and control of welding fumes in the workplace has always been a legal requirement for operators under the existing CoSHH Regulation 7. Practical weld fume extraction solutions we provide include:

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Dust Extraction Systems

We offer a range of dust extraction systems including centralised, portable collectors, on-tool extraction, downdraft tables, walk-in enclosures and booths - all of which improve the air quality within many industrial processes and sectors.

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Downdraught Benches

BEAM are proud to be the Distributors throughout Ireland for AirBench, UK’s leading manufacturer and innovator of downdraught benches which provide a work surface with built-in dust and fume extraction.

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Companies we’ve helped

BEAM have a full team of experienced technical staff available to answer your questions, offer project advice and provide fully customised quotations.

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Beam Industrial Clients

A sample of some of our Industrial Clients across all sectors.