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Dust & Fume Product Range

We have a wide range of solutions available for applications in every sector including Dust Extraction Systems, Fume Extraction Systems, Portable Vacuum Cleaners for Industry & General Housekeeping Systems.

We also have a wide range of installation materials and hoses & accessories.

Dust Extraction Systems

Beam dust extraction systems improve the air quality within many industrial processes and sectors.

View BEAM Dust Extraction Systems

Fume Extraction

Beam provide fume extraction systems and solutions for many different areas such as welding, vehicle exhaust, soldering, oil mist, thermal cutting, painting etc.

View BEAM Fume Extraction Systems

Weld Fume Extraction

Extraction and control of welding fumes in the workplace has always been a legal requirement for operators under the existing CoSHH Regulation 7. Practical weld fume extraction solutions we provide include:

View BEAM Weld Fume Extraction Systems

Industrial Ducting & Fittings

We offer a wide range of installation materials in plastic, zinc galavanised, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium. Spiral ducting as well as smooth flow clip ducting are available for dust and fume extraction.

View BEAM Industrial Ducting & Fittings

Downdraught Extraction Benches

Manufactured by AirBenched, these innovative systems provide a work surface with built-in dust and fume extraction.

View BEAM Downdraught Extraction Benches

General Housekeeping

Beam vacuum systems and solutions allow for the quick and efficient cleaning of spillages, dirt and debris created from the production process.

View General Housekeeping Solutions

Self-Retractable Vacuum Hosereels

Beam offer a range of hoses with self-retractable hosereels, which quickly return to their initial position upon being let go.

View BEAM Self-Retractable Vacuum Hosereels

Industrial Portable Vacuum Cleaners

The range includes Atex Rated, Single and Three Phase, Compressed Air, HEPA, Wet Collection, Heavy Duty, Truck or Platform vacuum cleaners.

  • 3 Phase

  • Single Phase

  • ATEX Rated

View BEAM Industrial Portable Vacuum range

Industrial Hoses & Accessories Range

Beam can offer a variety of hoses, tools and accessories to meet and exceed customer requirements in many different industries.

View BEAM Industrial Hose & Accessories Range

Beam Product Brochure

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