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Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

PIV systems help stop condensation and mould growth in homes by providing fresh filtered air from a central location in the home.

Poor ventilation causes streaming windows, musty odours, dampness, condensation, mould growth and excessive carbon dioxide in the home - it is also the biggest cause of heat loss. 


An Axco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system is a sophisticated whole home ventilation and condensation control unit designed to gently ventilate the home from a central position on the landing in a house or the central hallway in a bungalow or apartment.

Energy efficient, the unit introduces a subtle air supply throughout the house to transform a stagnant, stale atmosphere into a fresh, condensation free environment.  

During the heating season, significant energy loss occurs by opening windows to reduce humidity and condensation. By installing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system and providing fresh filtered air into the home, humid air is displaced without opening windows and thus making significant savings to the occupier. 

  • Eliminates condensation & mould growth
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Removes musty odours
  • Saves energy
  • No need for trickle/window vents if dwelling air tightness level is above Level 5
  • Aids radon dispersion
  • Suitable for new and existing homes
  • 3 Year Guarantee 

Whether your home is a townhouse, semi-detached, detached property or even an apartment, we have a wall mounted or Loft mounted Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system specific to your requirements.