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Hoses & Accessories Range

Beam can offer a variety of hoses, tools and accessories to meet and exceed customer requirements in many different industries.

  • Variety of materials

  • Variety of sizes

  • Specialist custom made tools

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Range of tools available in variety of materials

The tools we provide come in a variety of materials suitable for different applications and requirements. Plastic tools are lightweight and low cost whilst metal tools are hard wearing and more durable. Tools also come in materials which are anti-static and earth bonded which allows for the use in ATEX environments.

Variety of sizes and materials available for hoses

We are able to provide a wide range of hoses in certain sizes and materials. Depending on the environment and the nature of the production process we can provide hoses which are food grade, cleanroom safe, ATEX rated, heavy duty, lightweight, Anti-static etc.

Examples of the variety of toole we offer include:

  • Crevice tools
  • Floor brushes
  • S-Tubes
  • hand brushes
  • angled nozzles

Our tools are ideal for close-up applications such as vacuuming dust, spillages, metal chips, broken glass etc.

We offer hoses in the common sizes from 32mm – 100mm, however other sizes can be provided if required. The hoses are available in crush proof plastic, anti-static, heavy-duty rubber, Polyurethane, earth bonded and more

Specialist custom made tools available

With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are able to provide bespoke and custom-made tools that can meet specific requirements and solve issues customers may be having. Whether this be to reach inaccessible areas around a machine or to simplify every day work processes, we have a solution.

Beam Product Brochure

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