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Commercial Central Vacuum for Schools & Education Buildings

A Commercial Beam central vacuum system for general housekeeping will facilitate powerful, silent, hassle-free cleaning whilst also leading to a cleaner, healthier environment for all staff and students in schools and education buildings. The benefits of a central vacuum housekeeping system are as follows:School hall with rows of desks and chairs

  • Allows for immediate cleaning and collection of dirt/debris at strategically placed vacuum inlets throughout the school
  • Suitable for simultaneous users as and when required
  • Energy efficient and cost savings through reduction in annual housekeeping budget
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Low noise system which allows for cleaning to be carried out with minimal disturbance to staff and students

In a school environment the indoor air quality is imperative and also has a positive influence on all occupants. Greater productivity and teaching/learning can be achieved with suitably ventilated classrooms. Our ventilation systems are designed to prevent odours & condensation whilst also providing a more comfortable and healthy environment for both staff and students. Some benefits from a BEAM ventilation system are:

  • Continuous clean, fresh air leading to improved air quality
  • Constant change of air removing indoor odours and pollutants
  • Energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Provide suitable ventilation to maximise wellbeing and avoid drops in concentration levels
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