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Commercial Purge Ventilation Systems

Allows rapid removal of stale, odorous and poor quality air from the building providing a healthier, more comfortable environment to be reinstated.

  • Meets building regulations for purge ventilation

  • Perfect for smaller commercial buildings

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Beam Commercial Purge Ventilation Systems 


Beam Purge Ventilation systems are designed to allow rapid removal of stale, odorous and poor quality air from a building.


  • Airflow up to 161 (579 m3/h)
  • High efficiency EC fan
  • 100% variable speed control for commissioning set point
  • Accepts 220 x 90mm rectangular ducting
  • 90o configurable option
  • Low Profile
  • For use in rooms up to 45m2
  • Finish: Natural Zintec
  • Materials: Zintec sheet steel casing
  • Dimensions: 510mm L x 300mm W x 150mm D
  • Weight: 7.2Kg.
  • Electrical: 230V – 50/60Hz, 3A fuse.
  • In line configurable option
  • Simple one setting setup
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Easy and quick to install
  • IPX2 water resistant
  • Meets building requirements for purge ventilation

BEAM Purge Ducting & Valves


Beam only use precision engineered metal and plastic fittings, ducting and silencers, mechanically fastened and sealed at every joint. 200-125mm insulated (in cold spaces only) smoothflow rigid ducting provides higher heat efficiency, low pressure loss resulting in a lower energy use and the system will be quieter due to efficient low velocity. This solid ducting is resistant to crush damage and thereafter can be cleaned and maintained if required.