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Benefits to your business & staff

We offer clean air solutions that provide proven benefits to your business and staff through a cleaner, healthier working environment

  • Centralised collection point for dust & dirt

  • Bespoke solutions for specialised applications

  • Cost savings

Centralised collection point

Dust, dirt and problematic waste such as spillages, broken glass etc can be removed to a centralised collection point safely and quickly without members of staff having to come in direct contact with the materials.

Bespoke solutions for specialised applications

If there is a dust or fume issue as a by-product of the manufacturing process a customised solution can generally be found to alleviate the problem. We have experience dealing with many different issues and problems, we can develop and provide bespoke solutions which best suit your requirements.

Manufacturing Cost Reductions

The savings gained from efficient cleaning reduces man hours, which in turn reduces costs. It is possible to reduce operating costs by as much as 30% by reducing or eliminating down time. Replacing unsuitable existing systems and ductworks can provide a saving in running costs per year.

Providing a clean air working environment

It is important to provide a healthy and clean work environment. Beam specialise in taking away dust and fumes from the air that are created during the work process. Our equipment and solutions provide cleaner air and a safer work environment for all.

Protecting employee health

We aim to protect our customers and their employees through the extraction of dust and fume, taking it away at the source.

A mask provides a temporary solution whereas a system from Beam can help create a safer, more comfortable work environment.

Companies we’ve helped

BEAM have a full team of experienced technical staff available to answer your questions, offer project advice and provide fully customised quotations.

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