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Indoor Air Quality Surveys

We can provide a comprehensive report which includes the findings, observations and technical measurements of an indoor air quality survey in the workplace. Recommendations and conclusions will confirm whether your workplace conditions are meeting the standards in relation to COSHH and human health and comfort.

  • Health

  • Comfort

  • Performance

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How Indoor Air Quality Surveys Work

We all depend on indoor air for survival. People in Northern Europe spend 90% of their time indoors (either at work or at home) – this means that the air we breathe comes almost exclusively from indoor sources.

The quality of this air can have a serious impact on our health, well-being and ability to perform. Poor air quality can result in employee sickness, absenteeism, lower productivity, low job satisfaction and high employee turnover.

Good indoor air quality is of utmost importance to the health, comfort and performance of building occupants. We can carry out a detailed comprehensive IAQ survey and report, detailing:

  • Observations Occupant perceptions
  • Technical measurements
  • Recommendations & conclusion

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