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Commercial Supply Air Ventilation Systems (SAU)

Contributing to a comfortable indoor climate, commercial Supply Air Units from BEAM help provide clean air for building occupants.

  • Ideal for smaller commercial premises

  • Filtered, clean indoor air

  • Wall Mounted Controller for easy operation

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Beam Commercial Supply Air Ventilation Systems (SAU)


Beam SAU systems are designed to provide a comfortable indoor climate with controlled heating and filtered, clean indoor air. 

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Features of the Beam SAU System

  • An insulated supply air unit with circular connections 
  • Low sound level, high operating reliability 
  • Modbus communication via RS485 as standard. 
  • Complete with filter, fan, duct sensor and electrical heater as standard 
  • Airflow is generated by a silent radial fan with EC motor, impeller with backward curved blades 
  • Easy to clean fan casing and impeller 
  • Filter ISO ePM1 50% as standard and is easily replaced 
  • Duct connections are equipped with rubber seals 
  • Unit constructed from galvanized steel sheet and insulated with an easy to clean 30mm fiberglass. 
  • For placement in warm or cold spaces. 

Measurements of the Beam SAU System

  Axco SAU 125 Axco SAU 200 Axco SAU 250
Voltage 230V 400V 400V
Phase 1~ 3~ 3~
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Sound pressure level at 3m 46 dB(A) 43 dB(A) 42 dB(A)
Input power total 2110W 5140W 5160W
Input power fan 98W 127W 152W
Input power heater 2000W 5000W 5000W
Current total 9.6A 13.5A 13.7
Current fan 0.82A 1A 1.19
Current heater 8.7A 12.5A 12.5
Weight 17.7kg 26kg 36.1kg
Duct Connection 125mm 200mm 250mm
  • Measurements: 1131 W x 351 D x 629 H

BEAM SAU Controller

  • Hard Wired Wall Mounted Controller  
  • Controller allows for operating and pre-setting the required temperature as well as monitoring the unit status 
  • ​Different modes such as Away and Normal mode can be scheduled. 
  • Unit status displayed by Led light.  
  • Controller is designed to be placed recessed on the wall. 

BEAM SAU Ducting & Valves


Beam only use precision engineered metal and plastic fittings, ducting and silencers, mechanically fastened and sealed at every joint. 200-125mm insulated (in cold spaces only) smoothflow rigid ducting provides higher heat efficiency, low pressure loss resulting in a lower energy use and the system will be quieter due to efficient low velocity. This solid ducting is resistant to crush damage and thereafter can be cleaned and maintained if required. 

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