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Downdraught Extraction Benches

BEAM are proud to be the Distributors throughout Ireland for AirBench, UK’s leading manufacturer and innovator of downdraught benches which provide a work surface with built-in dust and fume extraction.

  • Dust and Fume Issues Solved

  • Extraction Solutions for all applications

  • No Installation required - simply plug in

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How a Downdraught Bench Works

How a downdraught bench works Schematic
Tasks can be carried out on the bench work top which is constructed from perforated 2mm HD steel plate. The unit features an integrated fan and filters which provide suction to remove any dust or fume from the process with the cleaned filtered air then returned to the workshop.
The downdraught benches are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications to suit many applications and offer a cost-effective and ready solution for control of hazardous dust and fumes to protect your workforce.
Typical applications for Downdraught benches include:

  • Dust Extraction
  • Fume Extraction
  • Coolant Mist Extraction
  • Welding and Grinding

Downdraught Bench Filtration

Filter selection is probably the most important part of any bench specification. 15 different filter configurations are available to capture a wide range of contaminants. Material that can be filtered includes:


Non-Sparking Dusts HEPA filtered Pulse Clean
Fine Dusts Smoke and Fume Pulse Clean with HEPA
Very Fine Dusts High Volume Fume Welding with HEPA
Dust and Light Sparks Special Duty Fume ATEX Rated
Low Volume Fume Grinding and similar No filtration

Downdraft benches for Manual Processes

Downdraft benches are easy to use and suitable for many types of Manual Processes including:

Airline Cleaning Conformal coatings Hardwood(s)
Aluminium Conservation Silica
Adhesives – Low and High Volume Glues – Low and High Volume Solvents – Low and High Volume
Airbrushing Dressing of welds Pharmacueticals
Aggregates Fibreglass Rapid Protoyping
Atmospheric Dusts Cleaning fluids – Low and High Volume Respirable Crystalline Silica
Brazing Formaldehyde Stone
Carbon Fibre Flour MEK
CFRP Grinding Steel
GRP Fingerprinting Toner
Tool hire RCS
Steel Deburring
Steel Sanding Steel Grinding Soldering
Steel Fettling Plastics Metal
Softwoods Softwood Model Making
Swarf Sampling MDF
Welding Printer Recycling Coolant
Museums Composites  

Downdraught Bench Customisation

The units can be customised to suit individual business needs, with the following options available: 
  • Additional protection against sparks for intermittent or continuous duty
  • Service access to filters: choice of top access or front access
  • Heavy duty carbon filters for fume and solvent applications
  • Knee space: Unit can be configured for sitting or standing
  • Air Powered
  • ATEX Rated
  • Automatic Filter cleaning for heavy duty manufacturing processes
  • Drop In Installation
  • Full or partial enclosures to add further containment to the work surface
  • Castors can be provided for ease of positioning the unit.
Let BEAM help your business solve your workplace dust and fume issues. Contact us now to arrange a FREE demonstration and quotation for your business.


Vertex Enclosed Booth Grinding at downdraught bench Using an airline at downdraught bench How a Vertex system works

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