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Commercial Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Beam specialise in providing energy saving Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems for use in commercial buildings, i.e offices, guest houses, nursing homes, schools, churches, hotels and more.

  • Low Sound Level

  • Large Capacity

  • Energy Efficient

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Beam Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilation


Beam commercial HERU MVHR units Models 400 and Models 800 are manufactured either completely in aluzink coated steel plate or with a sturdy framework of aluminum profiles.

Our units are energy efficient with a high capacity and compact size (units can fit through openings up to 900mm wide for ease of installation). Units are available in three sizes with nominal air flows of 1440, 2880 and 5760 m3H-1.

Unit Benefits

  • Ease of service and low sound level are just some of the advantages of our commercial MVHR range of systems. 
  • Fans with EC-motors for the highest possible efficiency.
  • The units feature F7 filters on both the outdoor air and exhaust air sides as standard.
  • All components come from leading international manufacturers.
  • The highly modern units feature integrated control equipment. All connections for ventilation, and optional electricity and water heating elements are on the top part of the unit, which makes them easy to connect. 
  • The energy-efficient and flexible control system assures that all components operate in the correct mode at all times. Furthermore, the exceptional build quality of the unit assures a quiet and vibration-free performance.
  • Cleaning and filter change can be carried out easily thanks to the service access doors to the front of the housing. Additionally, the unit shares the HERU build quality present throughout the range which means all components, fans etc can easily be removed for maintenance when required, which can minimise downtime.

Businesses we’ve helped

BEAM have a full team of experienced technical staff available to answer your questions, offer project advice and provide fully customised quotations.

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