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Commercial Central Vacuum Systems

The Revo Block Professional Range of central vacuum systems is suitable for larger residential applications or commercial applications such as churches, offices, hotels etc.

  • Reduces annual housekeeping budget

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Evacuates & ventilates odours

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Commercial Central Vacuum Systems from Beam


The Revo Block Professional Range is suitable for larger residential applications or commercial applications. Beam provide a wide range of central vacuum solutions for commerce and industry which include (but is not limited to) housekeeping in:

OfficesHotelsNursing HomesChurchesShowrooms, Schools, Shops, Cleanrooms, Factories, Warehouses

We also provide vacuum products for use in product cleaning, product recovery, shott recovery and on tool extraction for fume and dust


Breathe easier in a centrally cleaned environment as all dust is removed directly to the power unit outside the working area, leaving the air completely free of harmful irritants.

The improved indoor air quality is a benefit to all as there will be no recycled dust or odours usually associated with the use of portable vacuum cleaners.

There is no motor noise as the operatives clean the building with lightweight cleaning hoses which are connected to the integral ducting system. This removes the dust away to a large vacuum producer / filtration unit.

With a range of product options for almost any type of commercial environment, a Beam Central Vacuum System can allow the user to avail of many benefits, including

  • Increased convenience over using portable vacuum cleaners
  • 30% reduction in annual housekeeping budget
  • 52% improvement in indoor air quality
  • Evacuates and ventilates odours from soiled carpets
  • Eliminates noise at point of cleaning
  • Protects fixtures and fittings
  • Up to 5 users simultaneously vacuuming


  • 1 - 3 simultaneous operators
  • User-friendly display
  • Easy open dust container with soft touch handle
  • Left or right ducting connections 
  • Programmable printed circuitry to check and personalise the maintenance cycles. 
  • Digital management display will signal dust container is full, filter cartridge requires cleaning, motor needs maintenance
  • Integrated silencer
  • Large area Class L washable polyester filter cartridge
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning filter available

Hose & Toolkit


Lightweight, commercial grade hoses in lengths up to 15m are available. 

An optional on/off switch control on the hose handle allows for cleaning versatility, whilst the light-weight, comfortable, and ergonomically designed the multi-grip soft hose handle helps reduce strain in the wrist and arm.

The hose attaches easily to a range of lightweight telescopic wands, floor tools, brushes and cleaning accessories for superior cleaning and ease of the task at hand.

A wide range of floor tools are available including:

  • Combination carpet / hard floor brushes
  • Hard floor brushes
  • Crevice Nozzles
  • Specialist Floor Nozzles

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BEAM have a full team of experienced technical staff available to answer your questions, offer project advice and provide fully customised quotations.

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