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Benefits of a Commercial Central Vacuum System

With a range of product options for almost any type of commercial environment, a Beam Central Vacuum System provides benefits for both the occupants and the user.

  • Industrial strength suction & power

  • Up to 52% improvement in indoor air quality

  • Reduction in annual housekeeping bills

A cleaner, fresher, healthier working environment.

With a central vacuum system, all dirt, dust and allergens are removed directly to the power unit outside the living/working area, and are not recirculated back into the environment like with a portable vacuum cleaner.

This leads to a cleaner, healthier environment and improved indoor air quality, which is a benefit to all.

Quiet Cleaning Performance

With the central vacuum unit being installed at a central, separate location away from the cleaning areas, cleaning can be carried out quickly and efficiently with low noise and no disruption to the occupants.

Housekeeping Cost Savings

A central vacuum system is much more efficient and cost effective than a portable vacuum. With a centralised system there can be a 30% reduction in housekeeping budget. This is due to the reduction in cleaning times leading to a decrease in labour costs.

Beam central vacuum systems are durable and designed to last - less money and time will be spent replacing ineffective and expensive portable vacuum cleaners.

Increased Convenience

Up to 5 users can use the system simultaneously and there is no vacuum to lug around, protecting fixtures and fittings from wear and tear.

Operatives clean the building by simply inserting the lightweight vacuum hoses into conveniently located inlets, connected to an integral ducting system, removing dust and dirt away to a large vacuum producer/ filtration unit.

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