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We offer solutions for Pharmaceutical businesses, providing clean and safe working environments to meet and maintain strict quality standards.

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Metal Fabrication

During metal fabrication, metal chips/swarf, fumes, dust and oil mist are produced. These can be problematic to not just the machinery and production process but also to members of staff. With a BEAM system, there will be a better handling of bulk material, air quality regulations will be adhered to and costs will be reduced.

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At Beam we are able to offer dust extraction and collection systems within the woodworking industry.

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Beam are able to offer a number of solutions within the electronics industry that can offer benefits to both their production process and air quality.

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Within the composite machining industry, Beam offer solutions to increase productivity, improve the working conditions and eliminate risks created by material cutting.

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Within the recycling industry, housekeeping is a very important aspect and with the installation of a system from Beam, this can be made much simpler and improve the safety and work efficiency of the company.

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Beam Industrial Clients

A sample of some of our Industrial Clients across all sectors.