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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about our built-in central vacuum systems and mechanical ventilation systems.

Residential Central Vacuum Systems

  • How does the system work?

    The central vacuum power unit is located in the garage or utility room. A 50mm vacuum duct runs from the power unit to strategically located automatic vacuum inlets throughout the house. Simply insert the 9m lightweight hose into a strategically located inlet and the power unit can be started with the switch on the handle of the vacuum hose.  

  • Can a longer hose be used?

    Yes.9m hoses are the standard supplied length, but longer lengths are available. Please be aware however, your home may require more inlets to ensure complete coverage. 

  • Do I really need this system if my floors are going to be wooden / tiled?

    Yes - a central vacuum system is especially suitable for wooden floors because of the need to vacuum these rather than brushing which raises dust onto fabrics, furniture etc. A special hard floor brush is supplied with all our systems for this purpose. You’ll also not be dragging around a portable vacuum cleaner, which can scratch wooden floors.

  • How does a Beam Central Vacuum System Improve Indoor Air Quality?

    Unlike portable vacuums, a Beam Vacuum System does not exhaust dirty, allergen-laden air back into the living areas. With up to 5 times more suction power, the system removes far more dust, debris and allergy-causing particles. Clinical research has proven a Beam Central Vacuum System provides measurable relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.

  • Is the suction power maintained throughout the home?

    Yes. A properly installed system offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet whatever the distance from the power unit. The suction remains the same at the furthest away inlet because of the high performance industrial strength motor providing the vacuum. Immediately the motor starts, the air is drawn from the ducting, causing continuous suction while the motor runs. 

  • How often do you need to empty the bin?

    The large capacity dirt receptacle only needs to be emptied 2-3 times a year. And there's no messy bag to change. 

  • Can my system get blocked?

    Blockages rarely occur because the cleaning wands are 28mm diameter and the ducting which runs to the power unit is 50mm diameter. The system is also designed to prevent any large items entering the ductwork. However, if a blockage does occur it can be easily cleared. For further details contact your Beam dealer for immediate advice. 

  • Can I install the system myself?

    Yes. Our systems are sold for DIY installation or on a completely installed basis by our team of engineers. A detailed installation manual comes complete with every system; a commissioning service can also be provided for DIY installations. 

  • Can a central vacuum system be installed in my existing home?

    Yes, in most cases Our systems are sold for DIY installation or on a completely installed basis by your authorised dealer. A detailed installation manual and a step-by-step DVD comes complete with every system. Our built-in vacuum systems can be installed in most homes in less than a day, depending on the size and style of house. A survey will determine how the system could be installed. To arrange this, click here.

  • What's the guarantee?

    All Beam Central Vacuum Systems carry a three year product warranty.

  • How much does a Beam Vacuum System cost?

    Surprisingly, a Beam system often costs much less than many portable vacuum cleaners, and adds to a home's resale value. The cost depends on the size of house, number of inlets and the power unit required. For a free no obligation survey and quote, contact us.

Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems

  • How does an Axco central ventilation system with Heat Recovery work?

    Fresh air is continuously drawn into the home via a low energy ventilation unit, located in the roof/space/utility area of your home.  The ventilation unit filters the incoming air to remove pollutants and insects.  Once passed through the heat exchanger within the power unit, the warm, fresh filtered air is distributed around the home through a series of ducts which are run to each habitable room ie. living room, bedroom etc.

    The air from wet rooms i.e bathrooms, kitchens, wc’s, utility areas etc is continuously extracted and filtered back through the ventilation unit.  The heat from the extracted air is transferred to the fresh incoming air.

  • How much heat is recovered?

    An AXCO MVHR system is designed to recover up to 95% of the heat normally lost through open windows, trickle vents and other break-out points i.e extractor fans in a building structure. The air being extracted transfers its latent heat via a heat exchanger to the fresh air coming in. The heat recovered can off-set the heating costs and will reduce energy bills.

  • Will the Indoor Air Quality in my home be improved?

    Studies show there is a direct connection between the quality of air (caused by poor ventilation) and our ability to concentrate and perform productively, as well as the effect poor indoor air quality has on asthma or allergy sufferers. The ventilation unit filters the incoming air to remove pollutants and insects and the constant supply of clean, fresh, warm filtered air reduces symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. 

  • Can a heat recovery ventilation system be installed in my existing home?

    Yes, this is possible (subject to a survey of the property).

  • How often do I need to change the filters?

    Depending on your house location, the filters usually need to be changed every year. The control / display provided with your Axco MVHR system will alert you when this needs to be done.

  • What's the guarantee?
    BEAM MVHR systems carry a three year product warranty.
  • Is the system expensive to run?

    With the newest generation EC low energy fans fitted, running costs are very low (approximately the equivalent of a light bulb to run.

  • How does Summer bypass work in heat recovery units?
    On consecutive hot summer days, today's airtight, highly insulated homes (some facing south) with additional glazing to aid winter heating can have issues with summer internal uncontrolled heat gains and retention. To help reduce this, it’s recommended to use external or internal shading on the windows. Cooling is controlled by opening windows, (especially at night when it is cooler outside) to create cross ventilation. The Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System can be increased to summer boost which will increase the fresh air supply and extraction rates and help create a noticeable benefit. 
  • How much does a heat recovery ventilation system cost?

    An MVHR system from Beam is individually designed for each house.  The cost depends on the size of house, the number of extraction and distribution points required, and the air volume rate required for the house, which determines the size of unit. An MVHR system enhances heat distribution whilst contributing to the energy efficiency of the home.  The systems will, through time, off-set the heating costs and reduce energy bills, making it a worthwhile investment. For a free no obligation survey and quote, contact us.

  • Can I install the system myself?

    Yes. Our systems are sold for DIY installation or on a completely installed basis by your authorised dealer. A detailed installation manual and a step-by-step DVD comes complete with every system. 

  • How can I ensure compliance with current Building Regulations?

    AXCO MVHR systems from Beam have been independently tested at the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The Axco ventilation power units are SAP Appendix Q listed and comply with all building regulations and help improve SAP / BER ratings. it is required by Building Control to have the ventilation system commissioned, a service provided as standard for all installations by Beam Vacuum & Ventilation.

Online Store

  • What is the delivery time?

    We aim to deliver within 3-5 working days for UK Mainland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

  • What is the returns and refund policy?

    If you are unhappy with your online purchase we will refund a product that is returned to us within 14 days of receipt, providing it is in a re-saleable condition. If we find the product has not been returned to us in a fully re-saleable condition, including any packaging, we reserve the right to refuse a refund for the product. 

    We will only refund a delivery charge for the sending of the product to you if the product is damaged, faulty or does not match your order.  In the case of unwanted goods being refunded, we will not refund any duties or taxes that were imposed when delivered to the recipient. Products should be returned in their original packaging, if provided. 

    A method of return should be used that is secure and can be tracked. The products you are returning will be at your risk from the time of despatch until they are proven to have been received by Beam Vacuum & Ventilation. 
    Once the order has been returned, it will be processed and checked by the online administrator and the refund can be completed. 

    When the refund has been completed you will receive an email to confirm the goods have been returned and the value of the refund. This email will be sent to the email address provided at the time of the original order. 
    If you paid by credit/debit card please be aware that it can take 7 working days for the funds to show as a credit in your account.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    You are entitled, under the Distance Selling regulations, to cancel your order within 7 working days beginning on the day after you received the products ordered. In this case you will receive a refund of the product purchase price only. 

    If you wish to exercise your right to cancel after the products you ordered have been despatched, please follow the procedure set out in the return process.