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Benefits of a Commercial Ventilation System

Our energy saving Commercial Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provide clean, fresh air across multiple sectors including offices, schools, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and churches.

  • Provides a continuous supply of fresh filtered air

  • Prevents condensation and mould growth

  • Increase in productivity of staff/occupants

Why Ventilate Your Premises?

People feel better if we have clean air to breathe. We become more effective and perform better, whether it is work, in school, or at home.

With a commercial ventilation system from BEAM, stale stagnant air will be extracted and replaced with fresh filtered air on a regular basis, ensuring comfort and a sense of wellbeing for the occupants.

A Good Ventilation Solution

A good ventilation solution brings fresh air indoors. To be truly effective, the ventilation solution must of course be:

  • Appropriate - the solution should fit the building in which it is installed and meet the requirements put on it.

  • Reliable - the solution chosen should work, as intended (with normal maintenance), for a long time.

  • Resource-conserving - the ventilation system should not waste energy and should be cost-effective in every respect.

Benefits in the workplace

The indoor air quality within a workplace is extremely important as the majority of our working lives are spent indoors. With the installation of a ventilation system in a commercial building, it can help to create a healthier work environment due to better ventilated work conditions, which in turn increases staff productivity.

Fresh Filtered Air & Energy Savings

A balanced Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System (MVHR) is the ideal solution for commercial premises, providing the necessary ventilation requirement whilst also reducing carbon emissions and energy usage. Our systems are cost and energy efficient, conserving energy and reducing heat loss.

Providing clean air solutions across multiple commercial sectors

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