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Self-Retractable Vacuum Hosereels

Beam offer a range of hoses with self-retractable hosereels, which quickly return to their initial position upon being let go.

  • Wall/Trolley Mounted

  • Reduce time to manually collect & store hose

  • Easily installed

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Benefits of Self-Retractable Vacuum Hosereels

Beam offer a wide range of retractable hose reels whether this be wall mounted, motorised or trolley mounted. The hoses will quickly return to their initial position upon being let go and in turn reduces the time it would otherwise take to manually store away the hose. 
A hose reel allows for easy handling of long vacuum hoses and compliment a central vacuum system very well. It is the perfect tool to improve convenience, efficiency and cleanliness in any industry.

Easily stored after use 

One of the features and benefits of a hose reel is that it is easily stored away after use and will retract automatically onto the drum. The hose is stored away neatly when not in use. The hose trolley comes complete with parking brakes as well as storage for cleaning equipment.

Easily installed and convenient to use

Wall mounted hose reels, whether spring mounted or motorised are mounted using a hinge and locking pin, allowing for easy installation. The hose reel is fitted with an adjustable hose stopper. This can be adjusted easily to allow the user to choose an optimal length to suit.

Decrease in potential plant hazards

The storage and location of the hose reels are another benefit that can help decrease plant hazards. With hose reels being mounted to the wall or ceiling at a height, there is no ungainly hose being left on the floor to be stumbled or tripped over. With both the wall mounted and trolley mounted hose reels being spring return, the hose can be stored away neatly meaning less chance of being driven over or crushed by plant traffic.

Micro Switches

The hose reels are fitted with micro switches meaning that the suction is activated by pulling the hose. When the hose is pulled out, a fitted guide arm will turn downwards opening a damper and activating the micro switch. By releasing the hose back to the drum, the extraction will shut off and the damper will close automatically.

Motorised hose reel – button controlled

Motorised hose reels are also wall or ceiling mounted. This is fitted with a start/stop control panel that can be located below at an accessible height. The hose is then released and recoiled easily using the panel.

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