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Sidewinder Carpet Tool

SKU: 046100


This 1.25" Sidewinder 15" long Carpet Tool allows you to access and clean places traditional brushes can't. It eliminates the need to move furnishings and reduces the need to change brushes to service tight places.

The unique design uses a side to side sweeping motion rather than the traditional forward and back motion. The patented flex neck permits the tool to flex 90 degrees to the wand, making Sidewinder ideal for cleaning vertical or overhead surfaces.  This 15" Carpet tool excels at carpet cleanup -- easily navigating around and under furniture.
The Sidewinder fits, and is compatible with standard vacuum systems domestic, commercial and industrial.
Inside Diameter: 32mm. 

**Please note this accessory has a ROUND shaped opening**. If your cleaning wands have an oval/D Shaped opening, you will require an Adapter

£39.00 (Excl. VAT)

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