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Turbocat Ex Turbine Powerhead

SKU: 045240


Maximum suction and deep vacuuming cleaning power.

**Please note this accessory has a ROUND shaped opening**. If your cleaning wands have an oval/D Shaped opening, you will require an Adapter

The Turbocat EX floor tool is one of the most powerful turbine powerheads in the industry. Using the airflow of your central vacuum system to turn the roller brush, whole house cleaning has never been easier thanks to Turbocat Ex light, low-profile body, 13" cleaning path, super-sized rear wheels, automatic height adjustment and innovative roller design.

Innovative Roller design - The Deep Sweep II Brush Roller is engineered with an offset brush design that improves airflow and dirt pickup. The crimped bristle design includes dual height bristles for thorough carpet cleaning. Additionally, these features ensure constant contact with the floor surface. The short bristles separate carpet fibres allowing the long bristles to move in and remove deep embedded dirt.
Run-Silent Bearing Isolators – The isolators encase the turbine bearings for quiet performance, holding the turbine firmly in place while reducing vibration.
Sleek design – the Turbocat EX is designed to fit easily under low furniture so you can effectively clean without having to move anything. It is lightweight and easily maneuverable under and around your furniture.

Automatic height adjustment - automatically adjusts from one carpet height to another without having to push any buttons or turn any dials.

13-inch wide cleaning path – The large 13" vacuum path provides superior cleaning performance with true double edge cleaning, even against baseboards.

Pro-Tech Bumper - The thick protective rubber-like over-mould material helps protect woodwork and furniture from “bumps" or damage during vacuuming.

Easy-Glide Front Rollers – The rollers slightly elevate the front of the EX providing easy maneuverability and responsiveness.

Large Back Wheels – Large rubber wheels are positioned on steel axles and include self-lubricating bushings for longer and smoother performance.

Silent-Drive Poly-V Belt – The non-slip, multi-grooved belt reduces vibration, noise and maintenance, providing positive friction with Steel Ribbed Turbine Shaft to ensure maximum rotation of the brush roller. This Poly V-belt design is used in many applications where reliability is critical such as industrial blowers, treadmills, chainsaws, generators and industrial machinery.

Very quiet - Rated one of the quietest in the industry with a decibel rating of 69.5 dB.

Easy Wand Release – The release button is larger than average and can be simply released with either foot

Multi-Port Base Plate – Recessed vacuum channels increase the airflow and enhance vacuum performance surrounding the plate. The rugged plastic base glides gently over carpeted surfaces without dragging or pulling.

Weight: 13lbs 

£193.80 (Excl. VAT)