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Why Ventilate Your Home?

Why Ventilate Your Home?

Effective energy efficient ventilation is now an essential element in the design and construction of all airtight new homes and buildings..

  • Improves Energy Efficiency of Home

  • Constant, fresh, filtered indoor air

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality in new and existing homes

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Improves Indoor Air Quality

Natural air infiltration alone can result, at times, in too little ventilation. This leads to poor indoor air quality and other, more readily visible impacts such as streaming windows, condensation and mould on indoor surfaces. Our range of mechanical ventilation systems provide whole home ventilation and eliminate these potential issues.

Essential for Airtight Homes

As mentioned, new energy efficient homes today are being built as airtight as possible through double or triple glazed windows, sealed doors, high levels of insulation and contributing towards enhanced u-values. Existing property homeowners are also being encouraged to make homes more energy efficient by insulating their roofspace, cavity walls etc. This increased airtightness in a dwelling requires a planned ventilation approach.

Energy Savings

The objective of a good ventilation strategy is to provide a balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Poor ventilation is the biggest cause of heat loss in the home. There are many energy saving features in our BEAM mechanical ventilation systems. Get in touch to find out the ventilation system most suitable for your home.

Health Benefits

Studies show that there is a direct connection between the quality of our air (caused by poor ventilation) and our ability to concentrate and perform productively. Poor indoor air quality can also effect health, particularly for asthma and allergy sufferers. Our range of mechanical ventilation systems provide benefits to your health and your home.

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With over 70,000 installations throughout Ireland and the UK, our Mechanical Ventilation Systems can be found in all types of homes just like yours.

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