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Top 6 tips to reduce condensation in the home

Date: 08 January 2021

Top 6 tips to reduce condensation in the home

Condensation can cause serious damage to your property. The following 6 changes can help reduce condensation in your home.

  1. Try not to overfill enclosed spaces, including kitchen cupboards and clothes wardrobes. Trapped air moisture together with a lack of ventilation creates the perfect environment for mould growth, as the air is not able to circulate freely. A stale or musty smell is a sure sign that your cupboards are overfilled!
  2. Make sure your washing machine and tumble dryer are properly vented to the outside. When you are washing and drying clothes in a machine, water is constantly emitted into the air, adding to the moisture levels already present.
  3. Dry any clothes you have washed outside, or in a tumble dryer vented to the outside. Always avoid drying clothes over a radiator!
  4. Install a Positive Input Ventilation System. A PIV system is a whole house ventilation and condensation control unit that provides fresh filtered air throughout the home. This will displace the stale moist air which could lead to condensation and mould. BEAM are experts in ventilation systems so get in touch for professional advice.
  5. Close the kitchen door when cooking! Moisture in the air can cause condensation if it comes into contact with cold surfaces. Reduce the moisture in the kitchen by covering pans with a lid and don’t forget to use that overhead extractor fan if you have one available.
  6. Reduce the amount of heat lost in your property to avoid cold surfaces where condensation can form by using double glazing, loft insulation or draft proofing.

Having Problems with Condensation and Mould in the home?

If you are having problems with condensation and mould in your house Get in Touch with a BEAM Expert who can help.