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The Effects of Mould in your home

Date: 26 November 2020

The Effects of Mould in your home

Mould can be harmful when left untreated.

What is Mould?

Mould is a type of fungus which grows under certain conditions. It can be found in a variety of colours ranging from black to green to white. In small amounts mould spores are usually harmless. However, when left untreated in a damp spot it begins to grow and when this happens spores can easily be released into the air which is then inhaled by occupants of the home. 


What causes mould in my home?

Mould growth is a sign of condensation which is caused by excess moisture in the air. There are a variety of reasons as to why this occurs including:
•    Poor ventilation in the home
•    Excess moisture in the home from daily tasks such as cooking, showering and drying clothes indoors.
•    In a newly built home the water used when house was built has not dried out yet

What are the impacts of mould in my home?

Mould can become dangerous if left unchecked and does not only destroy the surface it’s growing on, but can have adverse effect on your health if not dealt with quickly. 

There’s growing evidence that exposure to mould can cause headaches and breathing difficulties, as well as nausea and fatigue. It also has been recognised as an allergen and has been identified as a trigger for respiratory problems such as Asthma.

How to get rid of mould?

The mould already present must be cleaned in order to stop it from spreading.There are three easy steps to achieve this.
1.    Using specialist mould removal product and spray it on the surface where the mould is growing. 
2.    Get a hard bristled brush and using the solution, scrub the infected area.
3.    Make sure all moisture is dried from the wall.
It’s important to note that bleach or any other household cleaning solution may not effectively get rid of mould.

How can I prevent mould from returning?

The steps above will get rid of the mould but won’t prevent it from coming back. Therefore, it’s important that a proper prevention method is put in place to stop future outbreaks. Introducing proper ventilation within the home can help towards stopping mould problems for good. 

An AXCO Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit from Beam are sophisticated energy efficient whole home ventilation and condensation control units designed to continuously gently ventilate the home from a central position on the landing or the central hallway. Moisture-laden air is then diluted, displaced and replaced with subtle fresh filtered air, forcing contaminants out of the property through natural leakage points or extract fans in wetrooms. Suitable for existing and new homes, a PIV is quiet running and provides a draught-free living environment.

Installing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system will help to improve the ventilation within your home and will help stop mould returning in the future. 

How much is a PIV?

Whatever the type or size of your home, we have a PIV system to suit your needs. Prices start from £375.00 + VAT (€450.00 + VAT). 

For more information or to discuss mould problems in your home, contact us today.