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Spring has arrived!!

Date: 16 March 2016

Spring has arrived!!

Yes, Spring has arrived. That can only mean one thing...Time for a Spring Clean.

Time to pull back the furniture, flip the mattresses and put into practice some of your yoga positions to get to those hard to reach places for your annual Spring Clean. 

Here are 7 dirt harbouring hot spots you may have forgot about when doing your spring clean and some helpful tips in how to banish the filth until next time.

Ceiling Fixtures

Just because they're above our eye view, doesn't mean they don't need attention.  Vacuum dust and dirt from light fixtures and decorative ceiling mouldings using a soft nozzle vacuum attachment.  Also don't forget any smoke alarms that may be risking your safety because of built-up dirt and grime.  Warm soapy water to remove fixed on dirt will do the trick. 

Vacuum your refrigerator coils

Pull out the fridge and clean the coils. Make sure you unplug the fridge first. Vacuum away any dust or dirt build-up with the appropriate vacuum nozzle.

Flip the Mattress

Our mattresses harbour millions of nasty little dust mites.  Zap them up and away using the handy upholstery brush vacuum attachment.  No home needs these unwelcome visitors.  Flip the mattress and repeat for a better night's sleep.

Skirting boards

You always mean to do it, well now is the time.  Get down on your knees and vacuum the dust off the skirting boards with a crevice nozzle attachment.  Wipe clean with warm soapy water.

Tumble Dryer

This is something that should be done more often than just Spring but a quick reminder that we need to vacuum out the lint trap of the dryer and clean the vents and exhaust as well.  Tumble dryers can be a safety hazard in the home so this is important to remember.

Don't forget your doormats

Welcome your visitors with a perfectly vacuumed door mat.  Using a premium combi-brush to destroy built in dirt.  First impressions are everything.


With a special curtain accessory, vacuum the curtains and then pop in the washing machine if needed.  It's amazing the difference clean curtains can make to the freshness of your home.


Phew - thank goodness spring only comes once a year!