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Air Driven Turbo Brush

SKU: 045302


Featuring the newest turbo technology for perfect suction performance, this air driven turbo brush is the perfect floor brush for vacuuming deep carpets.

Click here to watch Air Driven Turbo Brush Video

**Please note this accessory has a ROUND shaped opening**. If your cleaning wands have an oval/D Shaped opening, you will require an Adapter

  • An air slide perfectly adjusts the nozzle to the vacuum power and the carpet.
  • Wheels for usage on hard floors
  • Flap underneath to clean the turbine
  • Dimensions: 28cm long x 8cm high x 15cm deep
  • Available in Black only
Comes with FREE Brush cleaning Tool 
  • Knife to cut hair that is tangled around the brush roll
  • Comb to loosen the cut hair
  • Bristles to remove dust in tight spaces

£56.60 (Excl. VAT)

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