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The Self Build Schedule

Date: 24 May 2023

The Self Build Schedule

Building your own home can be daunting - there is a lot to consider. To help you on your self-build journey, we have summarised the 12 stages of the self-build schedule in one simple blog post!

12 Stages of the Self Build Schedule

1   Research and find a site

It all starts here!

Start doing your homework - find an architect, work out a budget, consider whether to hire a builder or self build, and mentally prepare!!! 

► Remember to plan your ventilation strategy and set aside a budget for the BEAM Central Vacuum and Mechanical Ventilation systems. 

2   Clear and peg the site

Time to get to work!

Have the site cleared and create access. Peg the site as per your architects drawings, and get site facilities in place.

foundations of a house

3   Foundations

Start digging trenches for your foundations. Blockwork starts and you will need to contact building control for a chat.

4   Floor structure in place

Complete the footings and install ground floor slabs.

► It's time to contact BEAM to discuss your Central Vacuum and Ventilation requirements.

5   Structure built to top floors

Things are starting to take shape!

Block or frames are now in place, with the structure built to the top floor level.

► Place your order with BEAM for the Central Vacuum and Ventilation systems

6   Roofing

The external walls are complete and the roof goes on. The roof is thenBeam van in front of house at roofing stage covered with your chosen slates or tiles. 

7   Weathertight

Time to install your windows, doors and any rainwater goods. At this stage, your building should be watertight.

► Installation of the BEAM Mechanical Ventilation System begins. 

8   First Fix

All electrical and plumbing runs are put inhouse at first fix stage place. Installation of the Central Vacuum system begins as ducting within the internal walls is fitted and the vacuum points are in place.  

► First fix installation of the BEAM Central Vacuum System begins. Read more about the first fix stage.

9   Plastering

Once the electric, plumbing and vacuum points are in place, plasterboard is erected and covered in a thin coat of plaster.

10   Second Fix

All electrics and sockets are connected. Sanitaryware is fitted and plumbed in. Ducting for the Central Vacuum system is installed just before the floor screed is poured.

► Second fix installation of the BEAM Central Vacuum System begins. Read more about the second fix stage.

11   Fixtures & Fittingscentral vacuum and mvhr system installed

All floors are down, and the kitchen and bathrooms are installed. Any tiling and decorating are completed. The Central vacuum and MVHR units are installed, and systems tested by a fully qualified BEAM engineer. 

► The BEAM Central Vacuum and MVHR units are installed and systems tested. 

12   Snagging

Time for inspection! Deal with any minor issues and prepare to move in to your new build home!

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