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Commercial Ventilation in Irish Utility Company

A leading Irish utility company with premises throughout Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland approached BEAM for help with ventilation in their building.


The Problem

The business employs over 7000 people with their health, safety and comfort being of upmost importance. They realised they had an issue in one of their plants in County Londonderry and BEAM were contacted for advice. The property had a communal area used by approximately 10 staff at meal times and rest periods, which suffered from odours arising from food consumption and a general lack of fresh air.

The Solution

BEAM identified a lack of ventilation as the contributing factor in the absence of fresh air within the building. A survey was carried out and BEAM subsequently installed an Axco HERU 160T Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system and 4 supply and extract valves. The MVHR system is operated via a wireless remote control that can work through concrete walls and floors, ideal within this property, and features large surface long-life Pollen Grade F7 filters – the highest specification available for any ventilation system.

The heat recovery ventilation system from BEAM consisted of a high efficiency aluminium Rotary Heat Exchanger providing automatic climate control. The ventilation system constantly extracts moist stale air and provides fresh filtered air into the communal area.

The Result

MVHR offers much improved indoor air quality and comfort for the staff who use the facility daily. The system delivers a constant supply of fresh clean filtered air without any draughts, resulting in the removal of all musty smells and food odours. It does not waste energy and is therefore economical to run.

Read more about commercial Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, or get in touch and speak with a BEAM expert if you have poor indoor air quality.


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