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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Asthma & Allergy Symptoms in Your Home

20% of households in the UK have an asthma sufferer living in the house*. Those affected are keen to embrace different methods of reducing the symptoms.

In this blog post, we consider 5 ways to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms in your home.

  1. Keep furniture and fittings allergen free
  2. Indoor furniture and fittings can act as a trap for allergens when made from certain materials. When buying your next sofa, opt for fabrics that are easy to clean such as leather. For flooring options, use the same principal and choose hard flooring such as tiles or wood where harbouring allergens are not as prominent.

  3. Keep your pets clean and well groomed
  4. You don’t have to get rid of your furry friends, but you might want to consider keeping them away from living areas to avoid animal dander (that’s little particles of protein found in animals’ skin) from getting into the air. If your pets are kept indoors, make sure they are groomed and bathed regularly to minimise the impact.

  5. Keep smoke outdoors
  6. When a person inhales tobacco smoke, even passive smoking, irritating particles settle in the lining of the airways. These irritants can trigger asthma symptoms. If you live with a smoker, ask them to smoke outside to reduce the chance of you inhaling second-hand smoke.

  7. Sleep tight – dust free!
  8. Tiny dust mites are common on mattresses, bedding and most soft coverings, and act as a trigger for asthma symptoms. As you spend much of your time in bed it makes sense to keep these furnishings as dust free as possible. Consider a good plastic mattress cover or even vacuum your mattress regularly to help remove allergens.

  9. Check how clean your cleaning products are
  10. Household cleaning products, especially aerosols and sprays, can leave chemical toxins lingering in the air which act as irritants for asthma sufferers. Consider using natural non-toxic substances to help reduce your asthma symptoms.

Keeping your home dust free will help reduce symptoms of most asthma and allergy sufferers. A BEAM Central Vacuum System offers additional benefits, with no recirculating or dirt and debris in livings areas as all waste is removed from the point of cleaning to the vacuum power unit typically located in a utility room or garage.

Good ventilation will also help with reducing symptoms. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems offer clean fresh warmed air throughout the home. A HERU MVHR unit from BEAM also offers large surface long-life Pollen Grade filters which will provide even more comfort for asthma sufferers.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies get in touch with our experts to find out how BEAM Vacuum and Ventilation Systems can help.

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