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Axco C570 MVHR unit with Aura-t Control

The Axco MVHR C570 is an award-winning unit manufactured in the UK for Beam Vacuum & Ventilation to the highest standards. The combination of extremely low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchange is specifically designed to enhance the building’s energy performance via SAP/DEAP assessment procedures.

  • Extremely low power consumption. Latest EC motors with SFP (Specific Fan Power) from 0.4 wls-1. 
  • Highly efficient heat exchange - up to 91% efficiency.
  • Demand controlled by rise in humidity or manual control boost switch also provided. Setback option for unoccupied periods
  • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-60 minutes. Automatic/manual set to suit occupants lifestyle
  • Unique design temperature controlled summer bypass with SummerBoost assists comfort cooling in summertime
  • G4 filters as standard. Low cost filter refills are available 
  • Intelligent frost protection - built-in to prevent freezing
  • Internally insulated in high density Expandable Polypropylene
  • Manufactured in Zintec® steel with semi-gloss traffic white finish
  • Winner of The Energy Saving Awards 2023

This unit comes complete with an Aura-T® controller for programming, set-up and occupancy control. Available as normal hard wired controller or as a WiFi enabled version with Beam VentSMART app availability. 

  • Digital 4 speed switch

  • 7 day programmable timer

  • Filter change indicator

  • Internal MVHR humidity sensor

  • Boost inhibit function

  • Kitchen and wet rooms overrun timer

  • Real time status and operating mode.

    *Please note a waterless diaphragm type waste valve (condensate trap) is supplied with this unit, but is to be connected to dwelling’s foul water drainage system by your plumbing contractor.

£2600.00 (Excl. VAT)
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