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Beam Alliance Vacuum Hose & Attachments Set 9m

SKU: 060873


**Please note this hose, wands and brushes have an oval (D Shape). 

Only suitable for use with Beam Alliance central vacuum units.

This 9m crushproof hose and floor attachment set comes complete with everything you need for hassle free vacuuming.  .    

  • 9m Beam Alliance hose with ergonomic, soft grip handle and variable speed control for energy savings. Exclusive double-D (oval shaped) nozzle and fully sealed hose provides quieter operation and superior suction
  • Lightweight large diameter aluminium telescopic cleaning wand.
  • 3-in-1 cleaning tool easily converts from a dusting brush, to crevice nozzle to fabric tool.
  • The combo floor tool is used for general cleaning and has s convenient pedal switch to change from carpets to hard floor surfaces.
  • The hardfloor brush allows for quick and easy cleaning of wooden floors, vinyl, ceramic tiles and stone.
  • The hose hanger is used to easily coil and store the hose and cleaning tools. 

£240.00 (Excl. VAT)

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