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Knauff Insulation Thermo-teK Ductwrap Roll

Available in 2 options:

  • 25mm x 1.2 x 18m length
  • 50mm x 1.2m x 9m length

Knauff Insulation Thermo-teK RL Eco ALU is a glass mineral wool roll with fibre glass reinforced, tear-resistant aluminium foil on one side.

Produced with ECOSE® Technology, a patented binder system, based entirely on renewable raw materials.

Defined Thermo-teK applications:

  • Rectangular air ducts – outside insulation
  • Circular air ducts – outside insulation
  • Ducts in technical & acoustic rooms

The product is recommended for thermal, fire and sound insulation of defined Thermo-teK applications within technical insulation where:

  • a good visual appearance after installation is needed
  • a water vapour barrier is required.


  • Lightweight solution
  • Improved maximum service temperature
  • Tear-resistant, sturdy aluminium lamination
  • Optimal visual appearance after installation
  • Elastic, strong and flexible
  • One universal solution for different applications, forms and sizes
  • Easy to handle, cut and install around different shapes
  • Compressed packaging (logistical advantage)
  • ECOSE® Technology


Reaction to fire A2-s1, d0
Density ca.25 kg/m3
Maximum service temperature 150 °C
Declaration of performance
Thermal conductivity (10°C) 0,033 W/(mK)
Thermal conductivity (50°C) 0,040 W/(mK)


knauf insulation spec sheet
knauf insulation spec sheet

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