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Beam Serenity Model 335EA unit only

SKU: 011031


The Beam Serenity Model 335 central vacuum power unit features innovative design developments to make it one of the quietest, most powerful built-in vacuum cleaning systems available.

  • 89cm high x 28cm diameter 
  • 15 litre capacity dirt receptacle 
  • Sound level is 62 (dBA). 590 Airwatts 
  • New & improved sound insulation system 
  • ECS control module with integrated soft start 
  • Manual override switch may bypass low voltage system ensuring power unit is always operational 
  • Sentry light signals low voltage system is operational 
  • Anti-vibration mounting bracket with rubber cushions 
  • Heavy duty steel body with high gloss alloy colour 
  • Intake assembly installed at angle to provide maximum cyclonic action 
  • S3TM Secure Seal System is an easy to use "twist off" system to remove the dirt receptacle 
  • Very light, strong, resin bin with viewing window, provides easy emptying and monitoring of dust levels. Alphasan® infused (anti-bacterial) bin guards against odours and improves hygiene 
  • High performance, high efficiency bypass motor. Air bypass motor causes vacuumed air to be exhanusted around motor and not through it, prolonging motor life. Motor exhaust filter captures carbon dust. Sound-Off Muffler reduces air noise to a whisper 
  • Exhaust can be vented outside if desired (but not necessary) 
  • Filtered cyclonic action - cyclonic dirt separation by GORE-TEX Cleanstream filter - works like new every time 
  • Atlis adaptable Twist Lock intake system allows installation from either side of the power unit 
  • Convenient built-in utility inlet for vacuuming garage, car and surrounding area
  • 2 year guarantee 

Please note this is a unit only.  Recommended Hose & Toolkit options:

£610.00 (Excl. VAT)

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