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Why your Staff benefits from an Industrial Vacuum Solution from Beam

  • Meets Health & Safety Requirements
  • Fast and efficient to use
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Strategically placed inlets which offers full coverage of the entire work environment offering a fast, efficient and easy method of responding to any housekeeping issue that may arise
  • Dealing with problematic waste e.g. spillages are carried out safely and quickly with no need for staff to have direct contact with such materials
  • The vacuum unit is located in a plant room removing any second hand dust re-entering the work place as is the case with portable units. There is no noise created at the point of cleaning as is also the case with a portable vacuum units
  • Fume / smoke extraction is provided by flexible extract arms over the position of work, ensuring Health & Safety of operatives is maintained
  • Down draft extraction tables allow extraction of dust and fumes from the product as it is being engineered
  • On-tool dust extraction attachments minimise the amount of dust escaping into the air and working environment
  • The extended hose allows large areas to be cleaned fast and efficiently