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Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

An Axco loft mounted Positive Input Ventilation system gently ventilates the home by drawing fresh air from the roof space, delivering it to the property via the innovative diffuser.

  • Eliminates condensation & mould growth

  • Generates fresh filtered air throughout

  • Highly Energy Efficient

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The loft mounted unit takes maximum advantage of the benefits of solar gain from within the loft space – the natural accumulation of heat from the sun on bright days. Temperatures in the loft space are on average 3oC higher than outside, and as the loft mounted unit draws fresh air from the loft and delivers it into the property via the innovative diffuser, this results in a relative saving of around 150 Watts of heat energy per day in an average modern family home.

Designed to run continuously, the loft mounted unit dilutes, displaces and replaces moisture laden air with fresh filtered air, forcing contaminants out of the property through natural cracks and leakages. Indoor air is improved, eliminating condensation and mould growth, generating fresh filtered air throughout.

  • Eliminates condensation & mould growth
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Removes musty odours
  • Saves energy
  • No need for trickle/window vents if dwelling air tightness level is above Level 5
  • Aids radon dispersion
  • Suitable for new and existing homes
  • 3 Year Guarantee

Why Axco loft mounted PIV?

  • Hours run meter monitors operational life and verification of usage.  Retains memory in the event of a power failure and restarts at existing reading when power is restored
  • ​Integral pre-heater designed to temper the incoming air during periods of low external temperatures to prevent the air falling below 10°
  • Synthetic fibre based filter made to G4 standard to enable the removal of a high proportion of airborne particles, such as pollens.  Filter conforms to all European Union and US fire classification standards
  • Superior Long life – 5 years maintenance free
  • Ultra Low Watt Brushless DC Motor
  • Controlled by a conveniently positioned enable / disable switch

Exclusive to Beam, our modern ceiling air diffuser distributes air evenly, without causing draughts: 

  • Fully adjustable 4-sided opening
  • ​Suitable for most valve locations including close proximity to smoke alarms
  • Smoothflow, easy clean, white uPVC
  • Overall dimensions 300mm x 300mm x 30mm
    Axco Loft Mounted PIV
Airflow Trickle 19
Medium 27
Large 37
Boost 47
Watts Trickle 3.03
Medium 4.21
Large 6.19
Boost 9.76
Specific Fan Power (SFP) Trickle 0.15
Medium 0.15
Large 0.16
Boost 0.20
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D)   325mm x 415mm x 330mm
Integral comfort Pre Heater   Yes
Integral G4 filter   Yes
Ceiling Valve   Square: 300mm x 300mm x 30mm

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