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Passive House MVHR Range

Manufactured by Dantherm Air Handling, these heat recovery units are certified by the PassivHaus Institute and feature the latest energy saving technology.

  • Certified component for Passive House

  • Up to 95% efficiency

  • Integrated humidity sensor

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  • Approved for Passive houses
  • Lightweight aluminium counterflow heat exchanger
  • High efficiency – up to 95%
  • EC motors with extremely low energy consumption (low SFP)
  • G4 / F7 Pollen filters available
  • Demand-controlled ventilation with integrated humidity sensor
  • Built-in by-pass module ensures automatic fresh air cooling of the house e.g. on a warm summer’s night
  • Installation-friendly solution with adjustment of air volumes directly on the unit

BEAM Passive House MVHR Unit Specification:

Unit: HCV5 HCH5 HCH8
Passive House Certified Component
Certified for air flow rates 99-220m³H−¹ 99-220m³H−¹ 135-340m³H−¹
Effective Heat Recovery Rate nHR, eff 81% nHR, eff 81% nHR, eff 83%
Electric power consumption 0.27 wh/m³ 0.27 wh/m³ 0.26 wh/m³
Flow (max) 425m³h−¹ 450m³h−¹ 650m³h−¹
Summer Bypass
Control System Demand Control Demand Control Demand Control
Inlet Diameter (mm) 160 160 250
Weight (kg) 57 66 84
Dimension (W x H x D) (mm) 590 x 1055 x 566 1180 x 600 x 580 1180 x 600 x 780
SAP Appendix Q Listed
Condensate Drain Required

BEAM Passive House MVHR Unit Controls:

The HCV/HCH range of MVHR units from BEAM are supplied with demand controlled automation which doesn’t need to be touched once the system is installed. The control panel has options to adjust individual default settings if special requirements arise.

Advanced Demand Control:

Automatic demand control is based on a range of average considerations that guarantee a comfortable indoor climate in all conditions. The RH sensor will seek to keep the relative humidity at a comfortable level regardless of activity levels in the home.

Control Panel:

The 3 push buttons of the control panel give access to:

  • Manual control of ventilation speed
  • Automatic control of ventilation speed
  • Manual by-pass/cooling

Remote control:

The wireless remote control gives the user access to:

  • Automatic demand control
  • Manual operation
  • Week programme operation
  • Away operation
  • Night operation
  • Fireplace operation

Installed in Quality Homes

With over 75,000 installations throughout Ireland and the UK, our Central Vacuum Systems can be found in all types of homes just like yours.

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