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Rotary MVHR

The Axco HERU range of MVHR systems incorporates the latest heat recovery technology with a Rotating Heat Exchanger. Designed and built in Sweden for us, this exclusive award winning technology offers many practical advantages over conventional systems.

  • Award-winning technology

  • Interactive wireless control

  • Low energy, high performance

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  • High efficiency aluminium Rotary Heat Exchanger provides automatic climate control and requires no condensate drain.
  • Recuperates moisture & heat energy, improving indoor air quality and comfort. 
  • Programmable hand held interactive wireless remote control. 
  • Large surface Pollen Grade F7 filter (inlet and outlet) is the highest specification available for any ventilation system.
  • Enersave (Automatic Temperature Guidance). Target temperature can be set on remote control.  
  • Low energy use. High capacity systems offer very low running costs. High performance, low energy EC fans, exclusive and developed for Beam Vacuum & Ventilation.
  • Heavy duty commercial grade construction in zinc galvanised steel. Insulated with 50mm dense mineral wool for quietness and facilitates use in any cold space. Unit will last a housetime.
  • High Capacity Units. Full range suitable for all house sizes and commercial applications.
  • Use of commercial smoothflow rigid ducting throughout. Low pressure loss means low energy use.  Higher heat efficiency. Quieter (due to low velocity). Ducting can be cleaned & maintained.  Resists crush damage during construction and thereafter. Lifetime installation.
  • Precision engineered fittings. Only precision fit metal and plastic fittings, ducting and silencers, along with Grade 1 duct installation are professionally installed throughout.
Unit: 100S 100T 130S 160T 180S
Flow (max) 425m³h−¹ 425m³h−¹ 600m³h−¹ 650m³h−¹ 790m³h−¹
Pressure (pa max) 825 850 800 875 680
Specific Fan Power 1.0wls−¹ 1.2wls−¹ 1.0wls−¹ 1.0wls−¹ 1.1wls−¹
% Heat Exhchange Efficiency (HEE) 83% 83% 80% 81% 75%
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 1077 x 555 x 474 455 x 771 x 673 1255 x 605 x 575 905 x 552 x 793 1344 x 715 x 683
Weight (kg) 62 65 100 91 135
Inlet Diameter (mm) 160 125 200 160 250
Installation Floor Wall Floor Wall Floor
Remote Control System
Enersave® (temp guidance system)
Temperature & Climate Control
Non-Condensing Rotar Technology
SAP Appendix Q Listed
Wireless Remote Control 

Axco Heru MVHR systems are operated via a wireless remote control with an operating range of approximately 50m and works through walls and roof. The Programmable remote control displays performance information including:

  • Current temperature efficiency

  • Temperature of fresh air, extract air, exhaust air and indoor air via a room sensor

  • Supply air temperature after exchanger and external heater / cooler

  • The fan speed

  • If the rotating exchanger is operating

  • Heating requirement, status

  • Cooling requirement, status

  • Carbon dioxide level (if sensor is connected)

  • Relative air humidity (if sensor is connected)

  • If overpressure is on/off

  • If boost is on/off

  • Day and time


A key aspect of a well planned, low energy MVHR system is the ducting type, design and the quality of installation.

  • Best practice is to use larger diameter, 125mm diameter branch lines and up to 250mm diameter main lines, which can carry the necessary high volumes of air at low velocity (depending on size of system).
  • Rigid, large diameter ducting is the preferred choice to provide a smooth flow of air, causing less noise (from both fans and air turbulence) and costs less to run. Foil backed insulated ducting in a cold space is essential to retain high heat efficiency.
  • Carefully considering the design and choice of installation materials ensures your MVHR system delivers the correct ventilation rate and heat efficiency to your home.
  • Manufactured in high quality steel our modern Supply & Extract Valves are designed to not produce down draft, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.



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