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Axco Counterflow MVHR Range

Manufactured for us in the UK and Energy Saving Trust (EST) Best Practice Compliant, our advanced counterflow MVHR units have high efficiency and high airflow capability.

  • Low power consumption

  • Up to 92% efficiency

  • VentSMART App enabled

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  • Extremely low power consumption. Latest EC fans with SFP (Specific Fan Power) from 0.7wls-1.
  • Energy Saving Trust compliant.
  • Highly efficient heat exchange. Best in class performance - up to 92% efficient.
  • Demand controlled ventilation when a rise in humidity. Manual control boost switch also provided. Setback option for unoccupied periods. 
  • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-60 minutes. Automatic / Manual set to suit occupants lifestyle.
  • Unique design temperature controlled summer bypass.
  • G4 filters as standard. Low cost filter refills are available.
  • Intelligent frost protection - built-in to prevent freezing.
  • Internally insulated in high density Expandable Polypropylene (EPP) 
  • Manufactured in Zintec® steel complete with high gloss baked resin finish for long life.

Axco MVHR Unit





Energy Saving Trust Compliant





Demand control / Manual Boost System

% Heat Exchange Efficiency (HEE)





Specific Fan Power (SFP)

0.6wls −¹

0.5wls −¹

0.5wls −¹

0.5wls −¹

Summer Bypass

Flow (max)





SAP Appendix Q Listed

G4 Filters

Dimension W x H x D (mm)

600 x 430 x 295

715 x 490 x 426

790 x 665 x 495

752 x 708 x 549

Inlet Diameter (mm)





Condensation Drain Required


Aura-T®Beam Axco Counterflow MVHR Aura-t control panel

Aura-T® is a simple touchscreen controller for programming, set-up and occupancy control from the Beam Axco C130 & C170. Connected to the MVHR System via a wired connection, typically located in a central location, it allows straightforward operation of ventilation speeds at the touch of a screen. 

  • Digital 4 speed switch

  • 7 day programmable timer

  • Filter change indicator

  • Internal MVHR humidity sensor

  • Boost inhibit function

  • Kitchen and wet rooms overrun timer

  • Real time status and operating mode 



Auralite® is a low voltage hard wired remote LED ventilation system status indicator, designed to fit a standard UK patress or recessed backbox.  The indicator is for use with Axco C Range models C50, C75 and C100 and displays:

  • Normal Running - the system is running at continuous speed (normal mode) or the unit is running at setback speed if this light is flashing 

  • Frost Protection - the unit is in automatic frost protection mode

  • Filter Change - the filters require changing 

  • Boost Speed - the system is running in boost speed if this light is flashing 

  • Summer - the is in summer bypass mode

  • Fault - there is a fault with the system and the installer should be contacted 


Features and Benefits

  • Meets guidlines for owner accessability 

  • Increase owner awareness of system operation 

  • Can be sited remotely from unit in an easy to access location 

  • Discreet design 

  • Fits a standard UK patress box 

  • Compatible with Titon HRV units  

One of the most important aspects of a well planned, low energy MVHR system is the ducting type, design and the quality of installation.

The best practice is to use larger diameter, 125mm diameter branch lines and up to 250mm diameter main lines, which can carry the necessary high volumes of air at low velocity (depending on size of system).

Rigid, large diameter ducting is the preferred choice to provide a smooth flow of air, causing less noise (from both fans and air turbulence) and costs less to run. Foil backed insulated ducting in a cold space is essential to retain high heat efficiency.

Careful consideration to the design and choice of installation materials ensures your MVHR system delivers the correct ventilation rate and heat efficiency to your home.

Our modern Supply & Extract Valves are manufacture in high quality steel and are designed to not produce down draft, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.

The BEAM Vent-SMART® app enables greater user control of our Counterflow MVHR units. Easy and straightforward to use, the BEAM Vent-SMART® app is ideal for installers and homeowners alike.

The BEAM Vent-SMART® app, available using Android or iOS mobile devices, allows greater flexibility and control. With a user friendly interface, easy monitoring of your whole house ventilation system is possible. Ideal for commissioning to guide the install process, the BEAM Vent-SMART® app can cater for it all. 

How to download and set up the BEAM Vent-SMART® app

Product Information and Features

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