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Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) Installation:

Whether our team of MVHR installers are professionally installing your system, or we supply a DIY MVHR system to you, installation should take place as follows:


A well designed ventilation system is critical and should be incorporated into the drawings at as early a stage as possible. A ventilation strategy is essential for every new home and should be implemented alongside all other primary services.

Concrete slab construction

  • When roof is complete (building watertight)
  • Before any other services are installed below the concrete slab
    • A void space of between 100mm - 150mm below the concrete slab must be factored in to incorporate the duct system for the ground floor
    • Ducting should be installed before the metal grid/ timber baton ceiling is erected 
Timber-frame construction
  •  When roof is complete (building watertight)
  • Before any other services are installed
  • Timber partition walls and floors are in place

Best Practice MVHR Installation

All systems are designed in-house by our experienced technical team and installed by our own team of BPEC registered mvhr installers.

Our Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are installed with smoothflow rigid ducting throughout, providing higher heat efficiency. The resulting low pressure loss will mean a lower energy use and the system will be quieter due to efficient low velocity.

This solid ducting is resistant to crush damage during the construction phase

We only use precision engineered metal and plastic fittings, ducting and silencers mechanically fastened and sealed at every joint.

Cost of MVHR Installation

All our systems are bespoke to your house requirements, and the cost of MVHR installation is dependent on a number of factors. To get a free no-obligation quotation, please contact us.

Should you decide to install a MVHR system from Beam on a DIY basis, we can provide design layout and commissioning.
It is crucial that best practice is adhered to at all times to ensure system efficiency.

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