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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) & Testing

A properly designed, maintained and operated Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system can remove airborne contaminants such as dust, mist, gas, vapour or fumes before people breathe them in and will protect workers' health.

  • Asessment
  • Measurement
  • Examination
Benefits LEV Testing Regulations Case Study

Every year, thousands of people in UK & N.Ireland and Ireland die of lung disease or get asthma because of airborne contaminants they have breathed in at work. If your work produces dust (e.g. flour dust in bakeries), mist (e.g. paint mist from spraying), fume (e.g. from welding), gas (e.g. carbon monoxide from furnaces or vehicles) or vapour (e.g. solvents from painting), there may be a risk to the health of your employees.

LEV is a ventilation system that takes dusts, mists, gases, vapour or fumes out of the air so that they can’t be breathed in. Properly designed LEV will:

  • collect the air that contains the contaminants (close to source);
  • make sure they are contained and taken away from people; 
  • clean the air (if necessary) and get rid of the contaminants safely.

We provide total LEV testing which includes:

  • Examination.
  • Measurement of performance.
  • Assessment of the control effectiveness.
  • Reporting to HSG258 criteria and test labeling.
  • Validation complete with report documentation for Exhaust Extract System.
  • The necessary calibration and documentation to satisfy all legal requirements associated with the LEV examination in accordance with Regulation 9 of the COSHH guidelines.
  • An excellent aftercare service.

COSHH  (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations:

COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health.  

  • Requires that the exposure of employees to substances hazardous to health be either prevented or where that is not reasonably practical, adequately controlled. 
  • COSHH Regulations state you must control the risks from hazards such as dust, mist, fumes, gas and vapour. By installing Local Exhaust Ventilation you achieve this. 
  • Once LEV is installed, it is statutory that thorough examination and testing is carried out at least once every 14 months or more frequently - (COSHH Schedule 4.) 

DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres)

DSEAR puts duties on employers and the self employed to protect from risks to their safety in the workplace and to members of the public who may be put at risk by work activity. 

  • Require that any workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur are classified into hazardous zones based on the risk of an explosion occurring and protected from sources of ignition by selecting equipment and protective systems for use in potentially Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (EPS).
  • Find out what dangerous substances are in the workplace and what the risks are. 
  • Put control measures in place to either remove those risks or, where this is not possible, control them. 
  • Put controls in place to reduce the effects of any incidents involving dangerous substances. 
  • Identify and classify areas of the workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur and avoid ignition sources (from unprotected equipment for example) in those areas. 

ATEX  (ATmosphere EXplosibles)

Atex is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres 

  •  It outlines the minimum requirements for improving the Health and Safety protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres.  


A leading Pharmaceutical company required a Vacuum Extraction system for their laser cutting machine, which was used to cut fabric into strips.  There was an issue in getting clean product output and operation efficiency from their laser and feed optical sensors.

Testing Process:

We pride ourselves on undertaking thorough testing of customer requirements.  This can therefore enable us to continue to provide our customers with systems of the highest quality that work at the highest efficiency.

We made a site visit to benchmark the extract performance and provide recommendations for a suitable extract system and the commissioning and operation for their environment.  

Extract trails by the manufacturer determined a satisfactory level of dust control at the cutting operation can be achieved by means of a local extract nozzle/slot and vacuum cleaner with adjustable volume inlet.

Airflow measurements were taken, surveyed and a report was produced.


After careful analysis of the test results a new custom made machine was designed and built providing our customer with a system that met their requirements and solved the issues they were having.  


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