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General Housekeeping

Our vacuum systems and solutions allow for the quick and efficient cleaning of spillages, dirt and debris created from the production process.

  • Healthy work space

  • Reduction in cleaning

  • Safer work environment

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Effective housekeeping within all industries is very important, it helps to control or eliminate work place hazards and accidents whilst also maintaining a clean and safe work environment. We offer vacuum systems and solutions, which offer many features and benefits, allowing for the quick and efficient cleaning of spillages, dirt and debris created from the production process.

An industrial vacuum system from Beam, whether it be portable or central, will cut back on cleaning time and eliminate the need for brushing/sweeping and blowing down with airlines. Within the food industry, for example, housekeeping is extremely important to clean up crumbs, dusts and spillages meaning the company can meet obligations for clean, hygienic production.

With our industrial centralised systems superior suction ensures that the highest standard of housekeeping is maintained through strategically placed inlets. This allows for instant cleaning as and when required.

Healthier work environment

Our vacuum systems are clinically proven to reduce airborne allergens, dust, pollutants and improve air quality.  This also eliminates the need for sweeping/brushing or blowing down with air lines, as a result of this the contaminants are removed from the work environment without raising or re-circulating back into the air.

Reduction in cleaning/down time

Time spent cleaning can be reduced by a third, leading to a reduction in labour costs per year. With a central vacuum system, spillages and debris can be acted on and collected much faster, whether this be with the use of a portable unit stored locally or by inserting a stored hose into a nearby centralised vacuum point.
Safer work environment

With continuous maintenance and housekeeping, it will help to reduce or eliminate slip/trip hazards created through the production process. With the introduction of a housekeeping program, this will help manage cleanliness, decreasing debris and material which could be fire hazards.

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