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Dust Extraction Systems

We offer a range of dust extraction systems including, centralised, portable collectors, on-tool extraction, downdraft tables, all of which improve the air quality within many industrial processes and sectors.

  • Portable Dust Collectors

  • Extraction Tables

  • Centralised Systems

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Our dust extraction systems improve the air quality within many industrial processes and sectors. This is done by removing the harmful dust which is created during the production process from the air and environment. We have worked on many projects where the harmful dust is collected from purpose built hoods, enclosures or devices which are fitted to tools and production equipment providing virtually a dust free operation and working environment.

It is important that correct dust collection and filtration of air be carried out in any work areas, whether this be at source or local extraction. 

A dust extraction system from Beam provides

  • dust-free work environment
  • removes harmful dusts and contaminants
  • provides cleaner air
  • improves safer working conditions for staff as well as meeting certain health and safety laws and regulations such as COSHH.


Product quality increases due to less contaminants in the air mixing and collecting on products, which may cause a product defect.

As a result of having a dust extraction system, harmful dust and contaminants are removed from the air which would otherwise collect on machines, products and tools during the production process.

This can prevent downtime in production due to repairs and breakdowns.

Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their employees. There are many health & safety regulations such as COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) which need to be met.

With the installation of a dust extraction system these benchmarks can be met leading to a healthy, clean working environment.

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