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We offer a range of hoses with self-retractable hosereels, which quickly return to their initial position upon being let go. This reduces the time it would otherwise take to manually collect and store the cleaning hose.

  • Rotating support
  • Micro Switch
  • Adjustable hose stopper

The retractable hose is the perfect tool to improve convenience, efficiency and cleanliness in any production environment.  Its simplicity means that anyone will be able to use it within seconds.  Its installation ensures that the hose will always be at hand, requiring no time to fetch it as it is always nearby and ready for use. Additionally, the hose will be cleaner for longer as it will have less contact with the floor, avoiding contamination and trip hazards.

Features include:

  • Adjustable hose stopper, easily adjusted to allow you to choose the optimal length of hose to suit your needs 
  • Micro Switch – suction is activated by simply pulling the hose 
  • Rotating support – rotates on its axis, thus increasing greatly the area covered by the hose reel thanks to its mobility 
  • Mounted by a hinge & locking pin – simple system for easy installation & maintenance of the hose reel 
  • Automatic cut off valve stops the vacuum on retraction allowing multiple reels to be used on each system


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