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Fixed Vacuum Systems for industry

Centralised vacuum cleaning systems can be utilised to remove dust & debris created in the production areas.

  • Bulk Collection
  • Food Production / Distribution
  • Cleanrooms

Vacuum cleaning points are placed at various positions throughout the area to be cleaned.  Multiple users can operate simultaneously, reducing contamination and providing quiet, convenient, discreet & reliable dust collection outside the production area.


An effective solution for your needs complete with vacuum producer, separations, HEPA filters, tubing, hose and tools for cleaning walls, floors, benches and equipment. As added value, the same industrial central vacuum system that cleans the cleanroom can be ducted to clean elsewhere in the facility, such as Gown-up areas, laboratories, lobbies, hallways, offices, warehouses, roof plenums or any inaccessible areas difficult to reach by conventional equipment.

Food Production / Distribution

A fixed central vacuum system cleans up production spills, crumbs and dust, so food manufacturers meet their obligation for clean, hygienic production.

Each system can serve one or more operators simultaneously, with custom features for special needs.  Applications include material handling, bulk collection for recyclable or hazardous materials, blockage removal from production plant or product change over and more.

Bulk Collection

Suction units are designed to provide heavy duty clean up in the most arduous applications where powerful, durable and simple trouble free equipment is required.

Systems are designed for stand-alone use or for connection to centralised pipework.

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