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Dust & Fume Extraction

We offer a range of Dust and Fume Extraction systems including Centralised Systems, Portable Dust Collectors, Extraction Tables, On-Tool Extraction, Vehicle Exhaust and Oil Mist Collection.

  • Portable Dust Collectors
  • Extraction Tables
  • Centralised Systems

Centralised Systems
Polluted air is extracted either through a hood or canopy and passes through a ductwork system constructed from zinc coated or stainless steel, scratch proof enamel or aluminium material to a high efficiency fan on the filtration unit.  

Portable Dust Collectors
Designed for collection in all dry grinding, tool sharpening processes where the potential exists to convey hot particles within the air stream which could damage the filters of the vacuum producer.

Extraction Tables
Down draft tables remove dust, fumes and vapour from work surfaces before they contaminate the breathing zone.
The work benches are constructed from folded galvanised steel to withstand arduous applications and to provide adequate extraction for dust fumes and vapour.


On-Tool Extraction
Dust or fume extraction at source provides the most efficient form of collection.  Dust or fume is collected from purpose build hoods, enclosures fitted to hand tools or production equipment providing virtually dust free operation of drilling, welding, sanding and grinding in varied applications from bodywork repairs, engineering or construction. Portable dust collection units can be used or more specialist centralised systems provided for workshops or production areas.

Vehicle Exhaust
Provide extraction of vehicle exhaust emissions directly from the source by means of a special heat resistant nozzle and hose with a CO2 test probe adapter connected to the vehicle.  

Oil Mist Collection

The polluted air passes through a high efficiency separator element.  Droplets which are discharged are collected into a small collection tank for re use or disposal.  The small percentage of oil to pass this element is further separated in the secondary screen and finally the fibre glass filter.  With efficiencies to meet ACGIH TVL and TWA of 5mg/m³.

Weld Arms
Our weld fume extraction arms are ideal for extracting smoke / fumes and dust at source. The extraction arms are flexible and simple to position, keeping workers safe.

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