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Coxon Medical

Coxon Medical are a manufacturer of specialist devices and logistics solutions to the medical industry with facilities located across the globe, and the only robotic manufacturing facility of its type in Ireland.

Coxon Medical

The Requirements

The company were using a fast-track innovative construction technique to build a new cleanroom off-site, which was then assembled inside an existing building at their facility in Bray, Ireland. A commercial central vacuum system was required to meet the dual purpose of:

  1. Process dust extraction for their manufacturing production
  2. General cleaning & housekeeping within the new cleanroom

The facility required an environment that was free from foreign objects and debris – essential not only to avoid contamination of products but also meet the requirements of their quality standards certification which demanded the highest possible levels of purity and cleanliness on production lines.

The Solution

BEAM developed a unique solution which was capable of providing both fine dust extraction and general housekeeping. A system was required that would allow for an environment that was free from the smallest of dust particles. A Revoblock Commercial Vacuum unit was installed that would also allow for a future extension to their operations. The system operates with demand control using pressure sensing – a smart control system which adjusts the motor power to the actual air demand by instantaneously tracking the static pressure in the system. Furthermore, the target pressure and response time can be adjusted to fine tune the vacuum level to meet specific user conditions of the application.

Benefits of the System

The capabilities of the Revoblock Commercial Vacuum provide substantial commercial and operational benefits, including:

  1. Eliminates the risk of contamination of the cleanroom air as the vacuum system is located outside the area
  2. Significant energy savings through the highly efficient on-demand operation
  3. Convenient housekeeping solution with ‘plug & play’ cleaning
  4. Hygienic and efficient management of collected material due to centralised collection units
  5. A large capacity system suitable for continuous operation within a commercial building
  6. Reduced health and safety risk from not having multiple loose cables
  7. Noise, heat and odour are all avoided with the use of a central vacuum system

BEAM offer bespoke central vacuum solutions for industrial use, suitable for multi-use operation. If your business requires a process dust extraction solution, get in touch and speak with a BEAM expert.

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