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The Further Education sector has been undergoing a strategic shift to refocus on delivering learning which will meet the current and future needs of economic development. 

In recent years, we are proud to have been selected as a key provider of specialist fume and dust extraction systems to new state-of-the-art vocational training facilities at campuses throughout Ireland.

The applications have a strong bias to manufacturing, technology, energy and construction trades and have required the delivery of a wide range of specialist systems. 

Solutions include:

New Wood Working Faculty at South Regional College, Banbridge
Dust extraction system serving 9 no. production machines including table saw, planer, bandsaw and a new original design for extraction from a lathe.

South West College, Enniskillen 
Supply and commission of 2 No. vehicle exhaust extract systems at the new vehicle mechanical training facility. The extract systems comprise self-retracting hose reels and are used to remove the exhaust gasses from a diverse range of vehicle engines which provide specialist mechanical training to our future mechanics. When not in use, the extraction hoses automatically retract onto the reels for neat and safe storage. 

Decorating Craft Training Facility, North Regional College
BEAM provided a self-contained spray booth, complete with active carbon filtration located inside the room.

Plumbing Craft Training Facility, North Regional College
A bespoke fume extraction system, complete with energy efficient speed control.

Technology Training Area, North Regional College
A commercial central vacuum system was installed for general housekeeping

Woodworking Technology Facility, North Regional College
We supplied a large-scale wood dust extraction system comprising a smooth flow clip-lock ducting system and connections to a varied range of modern wood forming machinery. 

Metal Technology Workshop, North Regional College
Supply of a weld fume extraction system which featured innovative advanced controls to provide demand driven operation and energy efficiency

Construction Technology Faculty, North Regional College
Beam designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a bespoke dust extraction system for a new mortar roller mixer, preserving service and visual access and allowing the plant to be operated dust-free indoors.


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