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Beam Vacuum & Ventilation Service

Beam service

Whilst very little maintenance is required for your Beam vacuum/mechanical ventilation system, we have provided details for some common procedures.

We are of course happy to speak to you directly to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.

We offer an after-sales service through our team of professional engineers and national accredited distributor network, all of whom have been fully trained to service and maintain your vacuum & ventilation system.

Beam Vacuum System

  1. Loss of Suction (includes information on Poor Suction, Vacpan not working, obstruction in central vacuum cleaning hose)
  2. Central Vacuum Inlet Replacement Procedure 
  3. Filter Maintenance (including how to manually clean the vacuum filter, and how to change the vacuum filter)


  1. Changing the ventilation filters on an Axco MVHR C Range Unit
  2. Changing the ventilation filters on an Axco MVHR HERU Range Unit


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