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Brooks 4* Hotel, Dublin

Located in Dublin city centre, Brooks 98 bedroom, 4* hotel is designed to the highest standard and is prized for offering luxury hotel accommodation in Dublin City.

Brooks hotel

Daily housekeeping is therefore of the utmost importance, and this has been made both efficient and convenient with the installation of a Beam Central Vacuum System.


  • Up to 30% reduction in the annual housekeeping budget
  • Up to 52% improvement in indoor air quality
  • Vacuum cleaning permanently available where it is needed
  • Evacuates and ventilates odours from soiled carpets
  • Can support more than one operative at any one time
  • Increases life of carpets and upholstery
  • Full after sales customer service
  • Eliminates noise at point of cleaning giving greater scope to carry out housekeeping duties with minimum disturbance

Mandy Earle of Brooks Hotel is delighted with the central vacuum system and has said the hotel’s vacuum cleaning has been transformed.

“We find the equipment has a longer life span and is less inclined to be improperly used when compared with portable vacuum cleaners. Our staff really do appreciate the extra power and ease of use the system offers.”

The system proves to be much more convenient than portable vacuums previously used in the hotel.

“The system is quiet in use, our guests appreciate not being disturbed in the mornings! Plus we no longer have the familiar odour from the portable vacuums in our hotel.”

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